Model Factory

Directed by: Dr. Pedro Resto


UPRM’s Model Factory was inaugurated in 2002 in the Department of Industrial Engineering with the objective of providing students from various engineering disciplines with an exemplary manufacturing experience inside the university. The Model Factory houses a printed circuit assembly line for surface mount components in which production and prototype runs are performed for customers in the electronics sector. The factory also has a vertical machining center in which ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastic and wood, among others materials are machined. Initial customers pertain to vehicle (cars, and small scale planes and boats) competitions in which students and professors are involved. However, the factory also foresees industrial customers from different sectors. For example, the Model Factory has a history of success as a subcontractor of Electro Biology Inc. from December 2004 through June 2013. With the termination of this contract, the Model Factory has started new projects that include the design and manufacturing of (1) LED lamps, and (2) UPRM’s portico.

UPRM’s Model Factory goals are to provide the following:
Practice based experiences dealing with all aspects of an actual manufacturing system. A space where local manufacturing industry issues can be studied. A place where modern production technology and techniques can be studied as they are applied in an integrated manufacturing system. The opportunity to assist local manufacturers in the development of their production system. Incubator facilities where products and process can be developed or improved. Serve as a meeting place where people from several disciplines can meet and learn to work in teams, and get an appreciation of the technical aspects of the other's area of knowledge. 


  • José O. González
  • Zulahilynn M. González
  • Fernando Vélez
  • Manuel Chaar
  • Abdullah Amin


  • Dr. Pedro Resto
  • Dr. Lourdes A. Medina

For more information contact Dr. Pedro Resto @ pedro.resto@upr.edu