Model Factory

LED Lamps

The LED lamps design was developed by Dr. Andrés Díaz and Rachid Darbali, from the Electrical &
Computer Engineering Department. They have been working closely with Model Factory resources
in prototype runs, supplier selection, PCB installation (fluorescent light to LED transition), and new
customer relationship management. The Model Factory enables the manufacturing of LED lamps
using DFM technics in the selection of the most cost-effective solutions to accomplish the task. This
product solution is expected to replace all fluorescent lighting in the UPR System, an effort which has
already started.


UPRM’s Portico

This project involves the development of the UPRM’s portico as a souvenir of the university for employees, students and alumni. UPRM’s portico is for sale by UPRM’s alumni association and bookstore.


Service to Student Competitions

The Model Factory has provided service to student competitions through the manufacturing of components. Parts have been machined for UPRM’s Formula Car (front hubs, rear hubs, differential mounts and differential support), Solar Boat (small foils, large foils, propeller and shaft and gear housing) and Aircraft Aero Design (landing attachment, motor mount attachment and wing attachment).